i started typing
and kept going and going
until my hands bled

three pills twice a day
i cant remember your face
i guess i dont mind

a puddle forming

a sentence left unfinished

a dish best served cold

my gun misfires

scorch-marks lash across my hands

i hear rabbits laugh

a turn of the wheel

one more solar rotation

please keep on living

in a dark forest

a tree trunk spans a ravine

we’re chased to it’s peak

mankind is long gone
tree roots tear through the pavement
reclaiming the street

on the radio

you struggle reading adverts

wordplay falling flat

she tears down the walls

an insatiable hunger

the cityscape looms

start threading the noose

i’m leaving today, you know

new york fucking sucks

it knows everything

knows where you’re vulnerable

knows all your secrets

mosquito bitten

sun-burnt and dehydrated

we trudge through the swamp

it may always be like this