fear creeps up my spine

the sense of being followed

from each dark corner

“will you be the moss?”

i’ll be whatever you want

to stay here like this

a robot creature

that for some reason hates me

“don’t break in my car”

she tears down the walls

an insatiable hunger

the cityscape looms

i wont sleep tonight

all i can think of is you

outside the street screams

we danced and we danced

we gave a blood sacrifice

but the rain still came

laugh and weigh that up

against what’s in the mirror

all our faults are one

having faith in doubt
all metaphysical thought
stems from fear of death

business is business

the flies are dropping like flies

but boys will be boys

staring at the door
i dreamt it was your birthday
and that i loved you

start threading the noose

i’m leaving today, you know

new york fucking sucks

map the universe

calculate every outcome

never live a day

soggy chicken corpse