i can keep cleaning

but the mould will always win

it will outlive me

a huge chimera

part wolf, part wasp, part human

i’ve named him Eric

unopened letters
vitamin d deficient
the room lit by screens

it was past midnight
the sky filled with UFOs
i’d lost my camera

every breath my last

and every step a tightrope

don’t make me do it

keep me at arms length

lest we confuse love with love

there’s no going back

the plane dips and rocks

the vast desert beneath us

how did i get here?

in a dark forest

a tree trunk spans a ravine

we’re chased to it’s peak

on the radio

you struggle reading adverts

wordplay falling flat

air leaks from the room

i reach out to touch your hand

my arm halts, frozen

he will meet you there

tell you where it all went wrong

and what you must do

some minutes later
i notice i’m on fire
the rain never comes

moss points the way