air leaks from the room

i reach out to touch your hand

my arm halts, frozen

the water wont stop

despite how i turn the taps

i found it like this

an old puzzle box
that opens a door to hell
two quid from oxfam

there is no bus home
everyone singing a song
that i didn’t know

i’m a shape-shifter
i take the form of a bear
no one is impressed

twitching a twitcher

the birds subscribe to the feed

nature’s ‘like’ button

it knows everything

knows where you’re vulnerable

knows all your secrets

i can keep cleaning

but the mould will always win

it will outlive me

a huge chimera

part wolf, part wasp, part human

i’ve named him ‘mittens’

memories rattle
at the bottom of my lungs
i know what i am

three pills twice a day
i cant remember your face
i guess i dont mind

a glass full of port

a briefcase full of money

the news full of lies

Souls, Like?