a huge chimera

part wolf, part wasp, part human

i’ve named him Eric

a rain-drenched rooftop
my social life has suffered
working as a spy

i’m not welcome here

i have nowhere else to go

scratching at the door

a puddle forming

a sentence left unfinished

a dish best served cold

in a dark forest

a tree trunk spans a ravine

we’re chased to it’s peak

i can time-travel

…i guess its ‘hibernating’

it really works though

my lab up in flames

attacked by a giant wasp

mondays! am i right?

you see yourself there

you don’t know how you got there

and yet there you are

there is no bus home
everyone singing a song
that i didn’t know

mosquito bitten

sun-burnt and dehydrated

we trudge through the swamp

fear creeps up my spine

the sense of being followed

from each dark corner

wake in an orchard

sunlight breaks through the branches

grass between my toes