it’s time to take stock
and get myself together
and get milk.. and bread..

my lab up in flames

attacked by a giant wasp

mondays! am i right?

a rain-drenched rooftop
my social life has suffered
working as a spy

i can keep cleaning

but the mould will always win

it will outlive me

i wont sleep tonight

all i can think of is you

outside the street screams

there is a thin line

between a joke and the truth

i can’t take either

twitching a twitcher

the birds subscribe to the feed

nature’s ‘like’ button

three pills twice a day
i cant remember your face
i guess i dont mind

the plane dips and rocks

the vast desert beneath us

how did i get here?

it was past midnight
the sky filled with UFOs
i’d lost my camera

we danced and we danced

we gave a blood sacrifice

but the rain still came

business is business

the flies are dropping like flies

but boys will be boys