a puddle forming

a sentence left unfinished

a dish best served cold

the vile creature writhes

a limbless mass of wet flesh

convulses and spits

completely naked

but for top hat and goggles

i dress to impress

i’m a shape-shifter
i take the form of a bear
no one is impressed

so that’s the story

have i told you this before?

i lose track sometimes

i can time-travel

…i guess its ‘hibernating’

it really works though

i wake up gently

it’s such a beautiful day

i feel very ill

some minutes later
i notice i’m on fire
the rain never comes

circular logic

you can’t concede to yourself

this isn’t over

it’s time to take stock
and get myself together
and get milk.. and bread..

having faith in doubt
all metaphysical thought
stems from fear of death

a glass full of port

a briefcase full of money

the news full of lies

out here in the flatlands