some minutes later
i notice i’m on fire
the rain never comes

you see yourself there

you don’t know how you got there

and yet there you are

it knows everything

knows where you’re vulnerable

knows all your secrets

a confrontation

standing up or staying out

weighing up the cost

a huge chimera

part wolf, part wasp, part human

i’ve named him Eric

one after the next

wake up behind the wheel

the fog is so thick

in a dark forest

a tree trunk spans a ravine

we’re chased to it’s peak

the vile creature writhes

a limbless mass of wet flesh

convulses and spits

a rain-drenched rooftop
my social life has suffered
working as a spy

“will you be the moss?”

i’ll be whatever you want

to stay here like this

unopened letters
vitamin d deficient
the room lit by screens

an old puzzle box
that opens a door to hell
two quid from oxfam

me, meme?