it was past midnight
the sky filled with UFOs
i’d lost my camera

there is no bus home
everyone singing a song
that i didn’t know

air leaks from the room

i reach out to touch your hand

my arm halts, frozen

she tears down the walls

an insatiable hunger

the cityscape looms

one after the next

wake up behind the wheel

the fog is so thick

i’m a shape-shifter
i take the form of a bear
no one is impressed

a confrontation

standing up or staying out

weighing up the cost

i’m in a sitcom

i’m swimming in the harbour

my limbs lose function

the plane dips and rocks

the vast desert beneath us

how did i get here?

laugh and weigh that up

against what’s in the mirror

all our faults are one

my gun misfires

scorch-marks lash across my hands

i hear rabbits laugh

so that’s the story

have i told you this before?

i lose track sometimes

Don’t mistake this for something else