just clutching at straws

the world is less than perfect

apathy’s a bitch

fear creeps up my spine

the sense of being followed

from each dark corner

an old puzzle box
that opens a door to hell
two quid from oxfam

it was past midnight
the sky filled with UFOs
i’d lost my camera

start threading the noose

i’m leaving today, you know

new york fucking sucks

the water wont stop

despite how i turn the taps

i found it like this

a puddle forming

a sentence left unfinished

a dish best served cold

you see yourself there

you don’t know how you got there

and yet there you are

staring at the door
i dreamt it was your birthday
and that i loved you

the plane dips and rocks

the vast desert beneath us

how did i get here?

circular logic

you can’t concede to yourself

this isn’t over

we danced and we danced

we gave a blood sacrifice

but the rain still came

curiouser and curiouser